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While on a date I was asked what I am looking for. Connection I said. Seems an easy answer yes? I am able to speak to anyone, feel comfortable and go to great lengths so the feeling is shared, without revealing much. There’s a wall of music and words between myself and everyone else. Connecting is not that easy.

We are off to Summercamp on Friday. Something significant always happens at these music festivals. Matt became one of my best friends after we spent Summercamp together last year. Also, he was one of the first people I could speak to after my father passed. Connection matters a great deal.

When I encounter something special in another person I want them closer. Isn’t this a natural response? Yet, modern living has us believing that there is better, shinier and smarter around the corner. And so people have become disposable in a sense. Utter crap of course. We can find magic in every person we meet, if we take the time. Yet, nothing beats emotional resonance, and the ability to simply be.

I need to go home for a short while. I miss the sea, the lagoon, the wild mountains and my Mother. Just for a short while, to revive my spirits. Then back to making the best out of wherever I am. Forging new connections, solidifying existing ones and Music. Always, always music.