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Experience is the greatest teacher, along with pain. No matter how hard we may try there are certain things that only make sense….after the fact. Small dots that lead, puzzle piece by puzzle piece to the larger picture. Painted for us long before we even knew we are experts at reading and dreaming in color.

I only really understood the value of family when I was alone for the first time, daughterless. Only really got just how important freedom within any personal relationship is this year. It was a lesson that had to be repeated thrice. Armed with what I learnt I am more… optimistic.

We learn by doing and being. Once, and this is just my theory, we embody a lesson or an emotion and know who we are, our core values, in the face of it, then we can be shown something new. Another aspect of our being, other ways of loving.

I am never alone or without. Even as little Benjamin came into this world I realised – I am never without small kids around me. Never without love being expressed in the best and worse of ways, whether I am caught in the middle of it or on the outskirts.

We all carry small bits of light around in us. With every step, every thought, every small and big act of kindness, the world becomes a smaller and kinder place.

This is why I am not worried, about a great deal of many things. What I need will find me. At the right time and place. It happens to us all…small and big events, experiences and people come into our lives as a reminder that any and everything beautiful is closer than we think. X