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What happened to the good old days of posting fun photos? Before I deleted Twitter there were some photos of a friend…lighting a smoke between his toes! My sister called me demanding to know what’s going on! Haha.

I deleted a pic of a friend who was posing with everyone. Dude had great ink and it turned into a damn photo shoot! I will admit, it was a rather intimate looking photo. My friend asked me if I was doing it for clout? In fact, I got a few private messages from people asking me what the hell I am up to.  What happened to just having fun? And why should anyone care what the hell I am doing, or who for that matter eh? Also, anyone who knows me well enough…knows I never post anything about anyone I care for, date or love. That I am even blogging about this is silly.

Also, I find myself in the same place I stayed two years ago with my ex. It was just an odd feeling driving so close to the sea and having those memories flood back.  Rather…unexpected to be honest. But hey, that’s life. It happens. People come and people go. No regrets.

Anyhoo, we are in CT and in a few hours I will walk on the beach and read a book. Whatever happens happens. Clout my ass. I will do whatever pleases me. And those pictures….well, they were just fun all round. A good night out with my girls. Just what I needed. Hello Cape Town darling….be good to me yeah? It’s been a rough year.