Would you like to know what I think of as I sit in front of my cheap keyboard about to compose? I am not merely searching for nice tune and colourful story so people can bob their heads and sing along. Ask any artist who slaves tirelessly and they will confess they feel possessed by the Muses themselves. As I clumsily clunk on the keyboard all I want is that luminous second where maddening chaos and exultation lie suspended. In that very instant, if the right chords are struck, I ask anyone who will listen “What will you choose now?” After all Art, indeed life itself, is a revolution of sorts. A series of steps and motions that threatens to unravel, unseat, upend and overthrow.

Just this morning a working theme for the third album emerged. A singular image materialized. That of a pair of lovers…his arms protectively encircling his paramour as the world around them passionately implodes.  I have a penchant for the dramatic, I confess. But then I am a musician and we deal in heightened emotions. With every note I sing the question remains the same, “What will they choose now? What path will they take?”

I have often intimated that how we love or fail too determines the hue and texture of our very existence. Those choices ripple, cascade….unlocking a plethora of unforeseen  scenarios and inescapable circumstances. A tad bit much again? Perhaps I write my third album in the hope that it will restore my sense of wonder and belief in love. So I live vicariously and fleetingly experience that which I have forgotten. To be an object of desire, to know intimacy and all encompassing ecstasy? A beautiful notion indeed…But before I assault my keyboard I will leave you with the following,

“Our lives are not our own. We are bound to others, past and present, and by each crime and every kindness, we birth our future.” Cloud Atlas


Yes, every choice, thought, encounter has brought me to this place where I music runs rampant under my skin…

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