Here are the lyrics for the song. Look, I laughed when I got to the chorus. No man, I thought…Auriol – stop your madness. But it just fit, those last words. I wrote this after my father, the revolutionary, kept on complaining that I need to write music about what’s happening in our country. This is a rehearsal. And obviously Rodney Buys is at my side with all the new music I pen. This was recorded on a phone, so forgive the sound. In case you don’t know Ben Harper has a song by the same name. I know, I know…sanity is not something I always am in possession of. But take a listen anyway.  Just thought I would share…

My scarecrow body is half way home
Encircled by tyres that are burning into flesh and bone
Now I hear sirens so loud and clear
But they’re just echoes of a past that’s always near

Every politician’s a Judas if you scratch under the surface
A poisoned tongue leads to control
These fuckers want to coin your soul
Take away your sovereignty
I’m gonna call it what it is
Call it…murder

Now we use fire, toy-toy and throw stones
Speak to our ancestors through sacred bones
With our heads held high and our back so strong
We’ll raise our voices and burst into song

A slight of mind and stolen land
A dice and a bottle for the sons of Ham
A poisoned tongue and mind control
A no go zone for your heart and soul
They want to take your sovereignty
I’m gonna call it what it is
Call it….murder

My Daddy said, girl we really need another revolution
We’ve been bartered and sold again
By politicians and holy men
Who want to take our sovereign

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