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I have a morning routine that takes about two hours. Yes, two hours until I feel ready to face the world. And that does not include a shower or breakfast. Hence, I wake up early. Clear my head, check in with my heart (that has been cracked for the last few years) and kiss my Mother.

The last three years has been a process of discovering what I believe and what I need in relation to my family, career, love and the world ‘out there’. My friends and family are the biggest blessing. Even though last year was horrid financially, I lacked for nothing.

I thought of Music and realized that we have indeed been at odds with each other also. I can’t even sing from my heart as my mind stops me dead and says, ‘Are you bladdy serious? Not this crap again?’ Perhaps rightfully so. My heart has known ghosts for so long.

Do you know what the answer is? Invite new people and energy into my life. Call them in. I am ready to have my heart healed and my life transformed.

No begging of the gods required. No bargaining with people who can’t let go of their past or their pride. I am no longer convincing anyone of my worth as a musician or a partner. Bring into my life what I need most to evolve. And bring it with grace and peace. That is my prayer for the day.