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After speaking or spending time with anyone, I ask myself only one question: how does this person make me feel? After speaking to Brooklyn for a few hours, the answer was easy. I felt so very, very good. Yeah, nurtured, warm and fuzzy. All those squishy and  super squashy words sums up nicely the way I felt after speaking to my friend in NY. In fact, I felt the same way I did when we met almost 4 years ago.

Around the corner or around the world….why should distance mean anything eh? It has been years since I could talk to someone for hours on end. About everything. Nothing. Music. Family. Friends. And not feel tired.

I could wax lyrical about the fact that he plays many instruments and has that NY funk about him. Or that he is very talented at scoring movies and reimagining older pieces of music. But the truth is always easier to digest and hold on to isnt it? It was great feeling in sync with someone I admire and respect. 

I am mentioning my wonderful talk with him for one reason only. Sometimes….all it takes to brighten one’s sky is a friend who is willing to  really listen and engage…. making one feel less alone in this mad world. Sometimes, that is all we need. Perhaps the truth is that I needed his  warmth more than I thought. Also…his hair is so much longer now! I end up stealing pics that are nowhere near recent, but I digress.

Reach out to friends and family, yeah?  Pick up the phone and let them know….whatever is on your mind. The question isnt why but why the hell not!? If you miss them, let them know. If you were an asshole, apologize. It is that simple. Forget your pride and connect. Soon we will all be dead my man. Dead. And trust me, being haunted is just not as fun, satisfying or sexy…..for either parties jah feel? It just isn’t.

I am just happy we stayed in touch. In fact, I am deeply grateful for all the friends who did just that, regardless of distance or circumstance. Thanks Brooklyn, you wonderful human being you. Thanks for the reminder. The friendship and just being wonderful to speak to and delicious to look at. Mostly, thanks for making me feel less alone. Isnt that what friends are for in the end? X

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