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<This bladdy year…Has been unrelenting…
Every day another something else gets thrown my way. A tiny thing I did not know and am being taught to navigate my way around. And so I start my every day with a small thought that has changed over the last year.

It started with….show me what this means. Then changed into….show me how to live this truth. Now? Show me how to be the way, how to embody and be the source  of that which I need.

I had a chat with my best friend Mark and said, ” Until we had that talk, it never occured to me that I could experience this, that this is what’s coming….” Mark is deeply intuitive.

In my quest to maintain balance I forgot what could make my heart burst with gratitude and love. See….we all have that secret thought we don’t  dare look at. It simply shines too bright, it feels too damn good. And so we steal glimpses at it when no one is looking or straight out deny its existence. I felt that way about Music since the age of 6. It took decades for me to believe…and only then  did my life change. Death.  Loss. Suffering. Deep pain has only one purpose…to crack you so wide open you cant but help to let the light out.

I wake up these days with a YES glowing from my chest! A YES that beams like some Star Trek madness straight from my heart to that very thing that makes me so mad excited…. I cant wait to blast music in the car as I drive to the radio station.  YES Universe! YES to the Gods.  I am here. Claiming this. Now.

Time for the new. The exciting. The wonderful. For everything that makes being alive…..the road to awe.  The path to bladdy transcendence my dude. Haha. Sometimes my good mood cracks me up! And yeah….I feel like this 85% of the time. My life. My energy. Boom!

Sounds great eh? But it a  requires discipline Lockdown and my father’s death taught me. And honesty, above all else. If I am sad I cry. When tired I sleep. When needing escape and silence, I read.

I spent most of my life surrounded by very strong willed people….who had no problems pushing me around with their very loud opinions. I no longer view that as a bad thing. I was taught the value of boundaries and discernment. And when I did they disappeared from my space. Only to be replaced by people who know what all my silences actually mean.

Why does this matter? I do not walk around injured, a half dead thing with a broken heart. And neither should you dammit! When we clear old energy or make peace with our past….our hearts crack wide open my people! We are always helped along the way. By those we left behind and especially by those who left us. That’s  their gift…dont you see? But hell…it takes time to feel it, to know it and get over our damn selves! Trust me, I know! Haha!

We just don’t  know…and that’s the point. We simply have no clue as how life will surprise. And I am strangely okay with that. Yeah. Hellyeah! My answer is Yes. I hope  yours is also.

So go ahead. Say Yes and make your life a bladdy work of art. Something that keeps surprising you.and those around you. By simply being…we give others the okay, the thumbs up, to be as well. Be what you ask? Whatever and whomever makes them happy!

Just try it. For one day yeah? Think your secret beautiful thought and allow it to beam intergalactic madness to everyone around you. And watch what happens…

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