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I am in a good space. My family is doing well. My friends are great. My friends are introducing me to other friends and associates. New projects are being worked on, and plans are afoot. The worse of being without my best friend Noel who passed is over. I am happy, very single and not in a rush to meet or even engage with anyone! I am….in other words…focused on Music and people who matter to me. Reciprocity is the name of the game in every aspect of my being. And keeping my heart wide open. For the first time ever…I am not rushing to the piano in order to figure out what’s hidden in my heart. It’s a damn relief! Yeah…I have so many invites for parties and events I might have to consult with my crew to make sure the next few months are fun above all else. As I intend spending time with people I dig! Fuck the idea of networking. Things finally make sense.

So this is the song that sums up out how I feel about my life.  Mostly….about my daughter, who is everything. And only my favorite artist can put Music to what I feel.