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I can hear the hip hop song sounding in my ears…you can get with this or you can get with that. And I can see the entire club exploding as they play Black Sheep. Booya! Those were good times.

This blog post will deal with bits and bobs of crazy thought. First, guess who rocked up in my dreams? Look, I can understand musicians. When I first knew I wanted to sing Ella rocked up and taught me how to scat. Then came John Legend when I started writing music. Then Ben Harper decided to hang out. Kanye rocked up. Bobby McFerin made a guest appearance a few times. Still. I don’t get why Elon Musk would show up in my dreams! So bizarre really.

On an unrelated note I think everyone should have their kid’s natal charts drawn up. I did that with my daughter and see clearly her challenges and gifts. My lovely Bucket of Muffins and I do not talk about regular things. Oh no, we discuss soul contracts instead, the effects of the planetary energies on the world and astral travelling. Her boyfriend is a lovely Scorpio of course. I told her….it is not easy to get your hands on one. As Scorpios have serious trust issues!

She has more planets in Aries….making her a bit of a shit stirrer.  She’s all fire and water in her chart. And gets annoyed with my calm demeanor. Scorpios are….strategic above all else I warned her. Of course she ignores me until her firey nature gets her in trouble. However, I admire how unafraid and kind she is.

I didn’t sing lullabies to her when she was small.  Why when I can sing….Nina, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Radiohead and all the jazz standards? Or make up songs and turn her books into punk and rock musicals? Or dance to tango music till we are both tired? And yes, she has great taste in music. The Smiths, Die Antwoord (cultural appropriation to the max) and Lana Del Rey has been banned in my company though. Her father and I loved our hip hop. Our official wedding song was one by Above The Law for godsake! However, nothing prepared me for her rapping along to NWA while driving. So much so I switched it off….and I loved NWA. She has a bit too much gangster in her already…

I had a lovely discussion with my friend Henry around music. He asked me about a Janet Jackson album and I told him Ms Janet was way too mainstream media for me to listen to back then. I was into my hip hop and alternative. But she is still is huge in CT as the music is happy. And people of color, for the most part, in CT prefer their music happy, light and ass shaking. He then made a insightful comment…. After apartheid, people just want to dance and take it easy. This is sadly true and why no one knows what to do with me and my music. Not only in CT but South Africa.

Right now there’s a Lights Are Red campaign doing the rounds to highlight the plight of artists due too Rona dancing buck naked and drunk on the world stage. My response was simple. Being a musician here means the lights were always red, at least for me. That is said without bitterness. It is what it is.

I also got rid of a few items I kept around for the last two years. Items that carry great emotional energy. Perhaps I should burn them at the next full moon and set new intentions for career and love. Or great sex and acceptable company. And a fucklot of music!

Even though I still struggle to sleep at least my dreams are adventurous and fun. I wonder who will make a guest appearance next?  Perhaps it’s time I stopped writing, close my eyes and find out.

But before I do, I think I will listen to the song I referenced at the start of this blog post. Come…take a listen with me…





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