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Here are some random scribbles from my notebook. Some will become songs. Others are small insights or things overheard while out with friends. Or some are just pure imaginary pieces of nonsense.

*                              *

I know you care he said.
Yes sure she silently thought.
But less than you could imagine. So pour the whiskey and play music I won’t remember a few minutes from now.

He  was always bound to be intense, as all Scorpios can be. I like to think he took in more than my words while he stood statue still and stared.
Do not let yourself be devoured by the Monsters of Nostalgia.

At times I do try to conjure you back into my thoughts. I try to remember how the color of your eyes could poison any sky. I try to invoke the same silence I found in a world where noise ricocheted off every surface, every exposed piece of skin and you were the one solid thing I could wrap my voice around and escape into.

But I live outside of those memories now. They exists somewhere else and belong to a someone else who fell asleep anywhere and easily when you were around. And you were a somebody else who you could speak for hours while I swallowed your words and you my silences.