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I know, I know…I could blog about many things. The state of our country South Africa, the various tribes of people, our past and how we are trying to heal it, the wonderful musicians, writers, artists, the projects by various organizations all working towards social cohesion in our communities….yet all I speak of is Love and Music.

It is deliberate on my part. Everyone has that thing that defined their path, that weaves its way into every facet of their lives. And when untruth exists there, it will make itself known everywhere. That has been my experience and why I speak of love and music as often as I do. It’s where I find my truth or discover the extent of my self deception.

Today, I was called out on my bullshit behavior in love. My tendency to run, sabotage and occasionally set traps, so I do not risk any of myself. I have made a rather brave decision today. While I am not commiting to anyone…I have decided to not run. I can’t really, as he lives a few minutes away from me!

I  asked for new energy to shift me out of my outdated mode of thinking, I just did not expect him to answer the call. But that’s the way of life isn’t it? Breathe and don’t run. One step at a time. And when I am ready to claim him I will. Or if he is not meant for me he will disappear like all the rest have. I decided to not be scared, to love in my own language ( words and music) and let the fear move through me instead Dune style!

In between there’s music, projects, deadlines and friends. All of which I will only speak about once they are complete. Conserving one’s energy is so very important. As well as keeping good council.  I have learnt the hard way, and I do not like repeating mistakes or waking on eggshells.

So next time you switch on the TV and get annoyed by what’s on the news or by the actions of others….the best question to ask is why. Do you see as much untruth in their actions as you see in yourself? Can you own up to your own bullshit? If we work on our own issues first and create pockets of truth or safety and extend that…we will have inner peace as well as world Peace. But so many can’t deal with issues they have in their own families and wonder why the world is in the state it is. It’s an inside job my people!  Start there and work your way out…

As that’s what I am doing. Later on I will worry about politics. All you need to know, person who reads this blog, is that South Africa is an amazing place. Despite our past. We show interest in people who come with open hearts. Every person, regardless of race does ..and there’s so much stories and food and dancing to be shared. So much life, so much love. So much music. Now who could really ask for more eh?



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