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2021 was awesome in its own strange and twisted fashion. So here’s some cool experiences this year brought my way. Why not compose your own list eh? Ps…read until the end. I wrote a little something special just for you….

Here goes…in no order that matters…

Spending my birthday at Summercamp with Matt and Leslie-Anne! Having champagne at Dusk on the top of a landrover.

Working at the radio station and being subversive by speaking about almost everything they warned us not to touch. Sometimes my cohost’s eyes would widen with shock and horror! Great times!

My Being Human performance with my band in June. Note to self….always opt to record the second performance and not the first. My band were fire! In fact…simply spending time with my band was a blessing.

I discovered I really do like Tequila…sipping it slowly works best.

Every birthday celebrated with friends and family.

I spent most of this year with two groups of friends, aside from family. I loved being woken up by the twins or hearing them randomly say they love me. It was wonderful! Every Thursday evening – braai, music, nonsense talk and gin. Followed by Whiskey if the Swaar had some important things to discuss.

Pub crawling with Matt!! Always hella fun. Or discovering new music when we drive together. He is meeting my family soon! They will love him, I know it.

Every year I have a list of my favorite songs I wrote. Ones I am proud of.

In 2019 – Riddle Me Gently and Call It Murder ( my south African take on Ben Harper’s song of the same name. I love closing a show with that song and getting everyone to scream with me “Call it Murder! Hehe) . My song for 2021? In The Arms of my Lover.

No focus on love. Hence, my 2021 was drama free, thank goodness!

No weirdo friends calling me up at 3am because they could not cope. In fact, my people have been rather solid. No one had massive freak outs.

My visits with Gilda and Allan. She makes the best grilled cheese sandwiches and omelettes. And Alan finds news from China to depress me with.

My year was focused on everything beside Music.

I had the best of times hanging with friends and family. Small intimate gatherings, great food, fantastic conversations. Without fail….I find myself in the company of men sharing their intimate thoughts about relationships and love. I found the nature of those conversations deeply reassuring. We all need the same thing – meaningful connection.

My application for the Tankwa Residency was successful…so I am in the desert in March to work on one of my musical projects, Before I Close My Eyes.

Every time I cook for my Mother… her eyes light up. My Mother is my Queen and yes…I live to serve her. She also very aware of it! Hehe. She is the best part of my life, hands down.

I was grateful for the bit of time I spent with my daughter. She is well on her way to working for the evil corporate overlords at big pharma! “Mother, tell me who your enemies are and I will…” Girl, I dont have enemies. ” “Mother, please stop being naive! Give me their names and I will cook up a little something-something in the lab for you…” I love that kid. She should have been a comedian. In every family there is that one individual who says the unthinkable. Well, it’s her in our family. She is an Aries down to her last bone! A shit stirrer of note. And yeah…I am proud of even that.

I really enjoyed this year. And felt more loved and nurtured than I ever have. 2021 helped me recover from all the years, experiences and people who came before. I am a better human being for it. And that is enough. In fact, more than I could have hoped for. I am so deeply grateful for every bit of kindness. My family and friends mean the world to me.

I hope your 2021 was also filled with moments that caused your heart to blossom and bloom. And that you continue to know…without a shadow of a doubt…you are loved, needed and seen. As is. You, darling, are fuckin amazing. Merry Christmas you fantastic human being you. Thank you for making it through this year. X

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