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Look here man…I am a Scorpio. And if there’s one thing to know about us it’s not that we are evil sex addicts bent on revenge. No, no… that’s for the lower order of Scorpios, the ones with lizard energy. However, what remains true about all of us is this – we are obsessive.

If we like something or someone we will like it for a damn long time. And I love Ben Harper’s music. This will not change. So let’s not argue or do what all the men in my life have done before….said that Ben was a closet gay dude. Fact is that if he was I would probably love his music more!

I got to listen to two of his home concerts and heard four new songs – all of which I  really like. These are four songs I have not heard before.

Yet ..there’s always that one song,  where I know from the first note – this song is gonna move me, and on a very bad day make me curl up and cry.

Don’t Let Me Disappear falls into that category.

Did this man stare deep into my soul and echo what I secretly feel? For me that’s the mark of a great songwriter. The ability to make what’s his and mine feel the same and force me to face a truth or fear I can’t even articulate.

This is why I didn’t sleep well at all last night. I was so inspired by his new music that I got to wondering what music I should ditch.

Anyhoo, back to Ben Harper. The new album is gonna be amazing. I love the song called Trying Not to Fall In Love with You as it is so dramatic and playful while being sincere at the same time. It had a twisted Tom Waits kinda feel to it, the kind I love!

*I am a bad human and all. That song is not new. Still, it sounds great and for some reason slipped by me.*

That I did not expect to be honest. I know the Ben who is pissed off with the world and wants it to change. Again, I don’t know if the song he played at the music festival with Jack Johnson is a new composition or not. But that anger is known musically, infused with the blues and great lyrics.

Loving You Is My Masterpiece was gentle, like a soft wind blowing on a perfect beach day where happiness is within reach.

Either way…it’s about the small things in life. One has to have things or experiences to look forward to and everyone knows….hearing him sing last year was a religious experience. My religious experience and carried two reminders: I need to improve…and Music enhances everything.

And just what will the name of this new album be I wonder…..?




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