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Words have power. I like to believe I am careful in how I string them together. Especially when I write music and around the people I care for. Writing helps as it clarifies my thinking. Hence I know what to say when I do engage.

A few days I mentioned that it’s time I switched things around. Instead of staging a performance on my birthday, I would like to go away. Tonight I was presented with two choices. Stay home, attend a masked ball and sing with an orchestra. Or…go away and dance my socks off at Summer Camp.

I think you guessed where I am going. Just being able to get away and dance for hours on end is just what I need. My wish has been granted! I am so very happy. The gods are paying attention it would seem…

On Saturday we film an insert for television for TLC Alzheimer’s Homes, for which I am the ambassador. I get to interview Gilda. This is made more magical as a friend, who just happens to be a videographer is in town and will film the insert for free! I love it when things come together organically. It also matters as it is World Alzheimer’s Awareness Month. I have interviews to arrange for Gilda and an article to write for the papers.

I am so very grateful for the small things. And for the chance to dance my socks off with people I really like! And Ben Harper released a new instrumental album!! Things happen as they must. Divine timing and all…


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