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It’s  odd being back in Music Mode. For the longest time it felt like I was stuck in Decemeber permanently! Yet, that happens when I am home. Other obligations take priority. Meaning, I dont socialise as much or perform.  I do write hella music yes.

Being in Cape Town and with friends has helped. Already I have a venue and am  speaking to a few other owners so I can sing my heart out. Also, spoke to a youngster last night who produces music. Finally, I get to do something fun and upbeat! All the new music is going off to radio stations in the new week also.

Regardless, we all have that one thing (or a few if you are lucky) that brings us joy and fulfillment.  Music happens to do it for me.

It does feel good knowing I will be singing all the Music stuck in my bones….right out of my system. Finally. It frees up more space to allow new music to find me. Also, I have a deeper appreciation for my profession now.

Oooh, and I get to hang with my Afrika Burn people when we congregate at Summer Camp next month! Who could possibly ask for me eh?