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Here’s a list of things that use to drive me crazy.

Why am I not there?

I reckon we all ask this question. Why am I not in that job, earning that much money, with that person I profess to love more than life itself? To be fair, I have never asked myself that last question. Perhaps it is a needed question to fire one into action. Anger is a great tool that brings absolute clarity, yes. But anger at oneself is so…emotionally taxing and boring!

I am where I am for a reason. And when I am no longer required to be there, another path will present itself. In the form of an experience or person. All I can do when that happens is….decide. Besides, the people in my life and where I find myself are mirrors reflecting a core set of beliefs.

Another question I no longer ask myself is: Why did that person act in a particular manner?

Now this can drive one insane! Especially, if one is so very involved with the actions and beliefs of another. Think…soap opera emotional energy being sprayed all over the walls like blood at a murder scene! Most days, I listen to my own mad inner dialogue. The crazy stuff, the murder weapon, the victim and the perpetrator all become music. Music drains the  emotional energy from my bones and leaves me feeling balanced. Then, and only then, do I step out into the world and speak. Never before I have not found a measure of peace. I might consult with my Senate if I cannot find a perspective I can live with yes.

One cannot find peace or any semblance of love outside of oneself. As previously mentioned….people will do what they feel is best. I include myself in this equation, naturally. Now, when I do get pissed off….I spend time alone asking myself why.

What about that person’s actions triggered me, what are the root causes that sparked a response? 

That question is of greater value, followed by…

 How much Love was present when interacting with another? Love for them, myself….hmm?

We all make mistakes, some are stupid while others have far reaching consequences. I do not like the universe kicking my ass, because I was inattentive. Hence, I spend more time being concerned with where my heart wants to be first. When my mind feels the same…then I act. Or this is what I try to remind myself of….when I write, sing and do anything else.

Next time you feel as though you are going mad…take a look at the questions you keep asking yourself instead. Do they serve any purpose beside making you feel shitty?

You and I might remain alive for a decade or two. (An extra decade is enough for me by the way). So, chill out my people. Let’s make the process of being alive a bit gentler, why don’t we?

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