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I compiled this mad list of all the things I would do once I am free to move about. Crazy shit, like starting a punk band, dropping mad bars in a rap song, kissing naked men while drinking whiskey…

This list changed after Daddy died. In fact, there is no more list.

I asked a friend if I had changed in any way, from her perspective. ‘You are more of yourself now. Not as scattered…’ Evolving is all I care for, personally and professionally. And I do feel more settled in my skin. Will I go out and kiss a bunch of men? Probably not. Write music about..most likely.

Why move towards anything or anyone if grand passion  and deep connection is not present? Wasting time on trivial shit is no longer an option.

A  live performance that will be streamed online is on the cards yes. Asking Rodney to flesh out the new music I wrote, an absolute. Getting my music overseas is a definite. Yet. I simply won’t act out of greed for any experience. It will find me. The music, the people and everything I need. Along with a few surprises to I reckon.

I am no longer hiding behind walls, afraid of getting hurt. I am sitting under a tree in the sun, reading a book. Chilling. Allowing life to simply happen as I relish every moment as best I can with only warmth under my skin and gold in my voice.

I am no longer worried about music, love or money. I am independent. Now if one breaks up that word, what does one find? A small truth hidden in a big word. Being dependant on only what’s all that matters.

You see….I know that if I do only that, and enjoy every thing that comes, moment by moment, whatever comes next will take care of itself. Including the music, the love and the money.

Be the Love in other words. Bring the warmth of the sun with you. Grounded while knowing our link to the Sublime can never be severed.