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April in Paris refers to a Ella and Louis Armstrong song my father and I loved. I mention this because last night was the first time I cried for him. Goodness, did I cry!

I also deleted a blog post I wrote as I was crying yesterday. It was way too emotional, raw and revealing. I tried to write music last night and that’s when the water works went off. I cried and fell asleep instead.

I sent Rodney some songs he needs to lay down proper piano for so I can record a half decent vocal at home. I will post in the new week. We are assembling scratch tracks. There are only certain tracks I am insisting be placed on the album, the rest is up for debate. When I need references it’s Henry out in NY I speak to. We have….musical synergy. But that’s the way it is when Scorpios hang out. We just get each other.

I miss Daddy. I miss the way his face lights up when I brought him food and snacks at night. My Mother is spoilt rotten and treats me like I am her personal chef. Good god, the requests for food are becoming a bit ridiculous. And she doesn’t eat meat!

But I am happy. My sister and the kids are here. I get to harass and scare them. I mean…seriously…who could ask for more eh?