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I feel so aligned, in tune, happy and loved. Making music with one of my favorite humans at home has everything to do with it! My family, the sun, nature and revelling in the process of making music has been so enjoyable. Even if we don’t have all the resources. We have what we need. And what we needed most was every bit of who we are.

The music we write together is so happy and filled with good vibes. As I feel at ease. There is no need to access rage, anger or any negative emotions as I worked through most of what plagued me the last two years. All that’s left is this feeling of contentment. The new music is not a throwback to my past. It’s an invitation, an invocation for new energy, people and experiences.

It just happens to be Daddy’s birthday today! Old man, I wonder what you would make of the music we are writing? Or how we are going about just living, carrying on without you. I know you are rather close….keeping a look out, as you always did, and that pleases me immensely…

Turns out I might stay in CT a bit longer to squeeze I an extra performance and hang with more friends. A wonderful love affair is on the cards! With whom? I have no idea! But it is bound to be….everything I need and have not experienced before. Some good, good loving and laughter! This is all so terribly exciting really. As I decided it will be so!

Later, I will share the new song called Love Child. I channeled my inner Barry White! This after Tumi and I cracked out laughing while driving and listening to his music!

Yeah, I feel good in all the ways I need to. I reckon, this is what happens when you follow your bliss and do what makes you happy in a place and with people who love you. Yes. That’s where I am at right now, that’s how I feel. Deeply aligned, in tune and very much like myself. X


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