Vusi heard all my albums and has been a great supporter over the years. Hence, I gave him access to the Silk and Gravel album to hear his thoughts. And this is what he shared…

It’s very rare that an artist will release an album and still it feels like you never heard them before. Yet Auriol Hays has been around and this new album emanates such warmth and authenticity.

Her tone is serene, hauntingly beautiful and raw..

Auriol hays is one of us. She is sad, mysterious, insecure yet very powerful. ‘Slave king’ is her first single off the album and it has this gothic atmosphere which reveals the singer’s dark shadow while simultaneously exposing her unlimited strengths. Her lyrics are intelligent,  deep yet accessible. The music is so outstanding,  the lead guitar  grabs one’s attention and blends well with her script. 

‘You never love me’ is one of my favorite tracks

Somehow one can hear traces of Billie Holiday.I will say this again, Ms. Hays is the ‘Queen of Blues’ and by that I do not want to cage her sound. She’s got this unmatched power to lead you deeper into the waters of her soul.

‘Silently’ deals with submission.  It oozes longing, lust and love. On this album she is brave, angry and sensitive. There are so many tracks which lingers and searches for something within you. Silk and Gravel also deals with grief, loss and love  which presents itself in different shades and she executes that like a soldier at war. This is evident on the track ‘Warriors Dancing’. Her production team understands her and the artistry required from every musician. Yet, they manage to transcend song after song.

There are so many surprises in all of these 11 songs. Have you ever experienced music not just by hearing it? Silk & Gravel is the album that commands – not only the listener but no doubt will garner so much respect for her. 

The world stage will take notice.