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I complicate things and weave myself into all manner of knots. At the end of the day all the decisions we need to make are not that hard. Regarding this album I had so many ideas and realised that all I was doing was delaying and allowing other things to take precedence.

What is this new album really about? What is the theme tying everything together? Love, of course. All the different forms it takes. Yes, there is murder, but murder as a result of the lack of…. love! Isn’t everything that goes wrong simply that? A failure to love, either ourselves or the other?

I am naming the new album Silk and Gravel. Two very close friends nicknamed me that. That term, they said, sums up the quality of my voice. But when we talk I am called Silk for short. Silk and Gravel, love can be either or all the different gradients in between I reckon. And how many times have we failed to see love for what it really is, nothing short of a magical connection? Whether it is found with lovers or friends? How many times have we lied about the shitty place we find ourselves in just to get through a day eh?

At least that one problem has been solved. I have about 30 tracks I like. Twenty of which I really dig and 13 I absolutely love.  This will shift the minute I sit with another musician as I love writing new music. Especially if I am around someone I feel connected to! Then we could write music for days!

I also know the color of the album artwork. Gold of course. Like the meaning of my name, the color of the sun and what multinationals mine for deep under the earth, what ancient gods have bedecked themselves with.

Light, and all its various shades is what every human tries to embody or unearth after all. In themselves and another. When I stepped out of studio and visited my shaman she said, ‘Auriol, you are glowing…’ Yes, music tends to do that. And love I reckon.

It also solves all the problems I have with the music I penned so far. Now I just need to look at the music, decide what the sound needs to feel like and step into studio. Oh and get a team behind me for the artwork.

I feel a lot less…lost in terms of music now. I know what I must do and who to ask. Like I said, the gods never leaves one without…I have direction finally.

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