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Fool’s Gold, the 8th album is complete. It’s being shipped off for mastering. After Dusk, the 9th album is complete. What to expect from Fool’s Gold?  Nothing profound. Music to dance to, it’s light and hopefully fun. Working with Major was fun.

Cycles and timing. I always make and produce new Music at the same time of year it seems…

The tracklisting for Fool’s Gold is as follows
• Red
• Love Junkie
• Hero
• Closer
• Paradise
• Insomnia

An image created during my 1st ever photoshoot almost 13 years ago. My graphic designer….removed my wedding ring! “Auriol, you are finally free!” He couldn’t stop laughing….hell, neither could I!

After Dusk is my baby, I wont lie. It seeps nostalgia and loveliness. Not as brutal, more of my heart can be found there. Even if it is slightly bruised.  My daughter is responsible for the album artwork on both. After Dusk will be released this year and Fool’s Gold the next.

I have no desire to pen any new Music. There is no real reason to, and perhaps that is the greater truth. So much has happened….maybe…simply enjoying the rest of the year is enough for now. And there is much to be grateful for and enjoy.