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After Lockdown I want to…

  • Finish my album
  • Get new ink
  • Grow a proper mohawk
  • Dance
  • Eat a great curry
  • Drink whiskey naked and kiss someone amazing
  • Write punk music
  • Join a reggae/dub band
  • Be in a all female rap crew
  • Moonlight as a mechanic
  • Study under a dominatrix
  • Date a scientist or serious academic
  • Attend all the music festivals
  • Sing in New Orleans with a blues band
  • Perform with an orchestra and full choir
  • Visit Istanbul and Vienna
  • Spend one romantic evening in Vermont while the actual song plays
  • Go to Peru and go on a healing journey with shamans
  • Throw a flash mob for my lover who I am yet to meet
  • Record a concert in an isolated part of the world
  • Live and tour overseas
  • Film a music video with naked men drinking whiskey
  • See Radiohead live
  • Attend Burning Man. But first Afrika Burn
  • Wear a white suit at my next performance
  • Smoke a cigar and drink whiskey by the fire, naked. And not alone
  • Hug everyone I see for at least the next few weeks

Did I mention kissing someone amazing? Now that I do look forward to yes.

There’s so much to experience it makes me dizzy with excitement! See, this is what happens after I cook when I have a very bad day. I regain my grounding and balance.

My family concluded that I cook best after being sad. They are evil I tell you. Hehe


3 thoughts on “After Lockdown I Want To…

  1. Hahaha. I should do a list !!
    I hope that you will do all those things 😉
    Hugs and kisses from France

  2. Yes. Good list. Just a pint in a crowded smoky bar with live music will do it for me. The things we took for granted….. cheers!

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