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Everyone is searching for answers. Perhaps because we have been lead to believe that there is something innately wrong with us, with how we are hardwired.
Do you know what I have come to realise? And I speak for only myself. Everything stems from our inability to accept love. That we are made of and exist in love. There is nothing to get back to, to move towards. All we have to do is…accept and receive. Everything on this earth is nothing other than love expressed. Perhaps distorted yes. But what if maybe, just maybe, that is what we have come to set straight?

What is it I complain most about eh? Music of course. My seeming inability to create music that moves. ‘Girl, ‘ I tell myself, ‘In order to create that kind of sound you need this and that. And it all costs money which you don’t have…’ I keep forgetting just how much I am able to create with nothing but my being. By being present…to who I am, where I am and who is at my side.

With all this talk of ascension, the grand battle for our souls and shit, the only matter of great concern to me is this. How much of my own darkness am I able to heal? How capable am I of walking in faith (like my Mother and Gilda do), trusting that the earth will appear under my feet regardless of where I tread?

How capable am I of embracing by my own light, my own set of beliefs while around others? Do I buy into a materialistic view of the world and if so, to what extent? Can I still make music, or believe in music even if it is just me on a beach, or alone playing bad piano? Can I still hear the fullness of the sound as I sit alone? Do I trust enough that those musicians will step into that empty space freely and enlighten it with the fullness of their being?

The reason why I doubt is not because I am worried about physical comfort or security. I doubt because I forget how to receive, to embrace and say….yes, thank you, I accept. And what is it I accept? What is it I keep forgetting?

That I am never alone. Deeply loved. Filled to the brim with Music. So damn abundant crazy shit keeps on happening. And it happens when I allow myself to say…yes, thank you. I accept this gift. I am this gift. As are you. So let’s just hang ten and enjoy where we are, why don’t we?

There is no need to fight for ascension or anything really. We are it. Embrace the fullness of being alive, rooted in the here and now. Does that mean that everything will be peachy and fun? Probably not. Yet, the process of finding one’s centre becomes easier each time we stop fighting ourselves. That’s how we own our power….and remember.

In each singular moment of allowing our hearts to open, soak up the sun and bloom….light cascades throughout Gaia (this is my theory) and  reaches all the big and small things who live inside and around her. And they are all saying…yes, thank you, I accept this gift…and by doing so remember their luminescence, their true nature. That of love and love alone.

So chill my people. Own your darkness but never forget the light, the love, the kindness, the warmth. The gift you bring to others, you are to others and they are to you in turn. X

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