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Don’t you just love it when in conversation with another a truth dawns on you suddenly? A truth you were always privy to but couldn’t articulate…?

Here’s the hard and fast truth about the new music. The music Tumi and I created together was fun, easy and…forgetful. Yeah, I said it. It was what I needed it to be for various reasons. After this troublesome year and my father passing, easy and light is what I needed. Yet…the other truth I didn’t know how to get around was this. Just how the sweet general fuck do I find the producer I need?

So far I have worked with producers who either moulded a sound I enjoyed or gave voice to the sound I needed. Yet, I have not met the producer who can challenge and teach me. The person to take me right out of everything I know and show me how to improve.

This is why I can’t release the Before I Close My Eyes album. No one is my space so far can co-create that music with me. Look, everything must evolve. Music especially. Again, love and music functions on the same frequency for me. Why make more of the same when one can create something wonderfully magical?

I have learnt to wait and bide my time. And wait again I will. In between then and now I don’t mind putting out the album with Tumi. Like I said, it is fun and easy but very little of my heart and soul was placed into it. I don’t think I could give anymore of myself to the music. So we wrote breezy music to pass the time. It made forgetting easier for a little while.

Yeah, that’s about it. There is nothing more to say about the matter. Everything will be revealed with and in time.