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We produce and write  a new song within about three hours…whenever time allows. Yes, we are working on a deep house album.  So far, so good. If I am not writing about love then there’s this….

Here are some of the lyrics of the song

This life is just a chemical illusion
A sacred pantomime
It can bring hope or delusions, if you play your cards right. Your heart’s desire, a mirror broken in two
You can find ruin or treasure
So tell me what will you do
You dont have to be a hero all the time
The dark thunders, the light slumbers
You dont have to be a hero all the time
Venom inverted is …sublime

It means so much being able to write music even if it  is not my preferred genre. For that I do have a plan but all the pieces have not fallen into place just yet. A producer…a record label.. and a firm hand is needed. Maybe not a record label but who knows eh?

What else is there to do….but find joy  in what one does….however one can? As the South African poet Chris Zithulele Mann once said in his poem Epiphanies, 

” If suffering, its persistence
  is a mystery,
  then so is joy”