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The Saints and I kicked serious ass on the second night. I changed some songs around and forced Liam to take a drum solo. Shaun, on guitar, found his blues bones when playing Miss Celia’s Blues. In fact, we agreed it was one of our best shows yet.

It bothers me that we chose the first night to livestream. I made mistakes. One word to a song (I killed the next night)slipped from my mind completely!

Funny thing….even though I loved the songs I chose, learning new lyrics is a problem. The only way I managed to remember the lyrics  to Almaz by Randy Crawfor was by associating each verse with a man I was crazy for! Almaz is a Cape Town classic.

Darryl, with whom I wrote When Worlds Collide, finally got to hear the song being performed live. He was blown away by my band. You must understand, the song came to me while driving on a wet night. The sound of the tyres on road became an orchestra in my mind. Yet, it was Darryl who managed to give the bare bones of a song life. We came full circle in that small moment.

Of course, I looked and felt great. Desiree and Theo did a great job with my makeup and styling. In fact, all the pictures taken on the night of each perfomance was taken by phone. Audience members sent them to me. That alone, says something about the quality of their work. Theo strapped my big boobs in firmly.  The way only a drag artist can. I never felt more secure in my life!

So yeah, that’s about it. The Being Human performance renewed my love for performing live. It also reminded me that I am very fortunate to have the kind of musicians I do at my side. They are amongst the most talented musicians in CT, royalty if you will. Their work is known to be of the highest standards. Also, they are damn nice guys

Now we gravitate towards other things. Let’s see what new enters. I am always open to persuasion,  musically speaking. But more than that, I feel enlivened! Now I can finally breathe and go on  dating blitzkrieg. Haha