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One of my best friends asked if I missed my father during our Christmas festivities. No, was my response. I was surrounded by people I love, bad Music and a smidgeonof rum. Damn, for someone who does not enjoy cooking, I do most of it in our family. And it was a success, as my sister and I work well together. Despite wanting to escape and go for a solo  hike, I have added baking a dessert to next year’s menu. So much for running…

Lunch at some beach restaurant (whose name sounds like a small penis in Afrikaans) on Boxing Day.

Funny incidents? Let’s see….My Mother chased me around the kitchen and lounge after suspecting I may have imbibed some alcohol. She wanted to sniff me. Needless to say there was screaming and laughing as I ran away from her! My Mother is like that naughty kid that tastes and drinks everything anyone leaves alone for a few seconds…

My sister stayed true to her roots ( as a Musical philistine) and played terrible tunes. So terrible that we all ended up singing with at various points. Obviously, I sang  and berated myself half way through. My usual refrain being, ” My dude, you are from the devil!” Speaking of which….my Mother’s prayer before lunch is always classic and funny. All our ‘sins’ were listed to the good old lawd, along with possible solutions! Someone always interjects (to give the good lawd a more accurate picture) and we end up laughing. All sins forgiven if the food is good enough, that’s the general rule.

And we are off to a beach festival in a few hours. My sister hates the beach. My mad theory goes like this.  “My dude…in some past life you drowned. But before you died you saw your entire family drowned and killed. All you remember is the blood…the screams…the murder…” She always agrees with me as we approach the beach, and whispers under her breathe, “oh the trauma…” Nice theories for someone who never really gets in the water but makes notes about everyone else to use in a song!

Anyhoo, have a great day wherever you are. I hope you are blessed with a mad family (biological or chosen) that make you howl with laughter. Our time here is short. Make all of it count. Eat good food, drink leftover rum and sing to terrible Music. But only….twice a year okay?