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I hate weak people. Yes, I used the word hate. I hate that behavior in others and despise it in myself.

And there have been men who tried to lord either their genitals (lovely and large yes) over me or use their power to get me to behave.

So many times I opted to go without something or someone than feel compromised or had. Rather that than submit or give anyone the damn satisfaction of seeing me cringe or beg. This has everything to do with self respect.

When I shared my disgust  I was met with the following response, ‘What did you expect?’ Are you kidding me? In this day and age people are still scared? Of what man, of what?

Shame on them. Shame on me for believing they are capable of changing. I officially have zero fucks to give. Dead to me they are. Dead!

I need to stop hoping people will behave better than they have in the past. Some people have no spine, no back and there is no bladdy silver lining. See them for who and what they are. Gwaan!

In an hour or so my rage will subside and Ghandi and the Dali Lama will return…but for now I want to feel this rage and never, ever, ever forget.




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