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A friend asked me to help her write a letter. Look, I have been faking letters since high school to get myself and friends out of trouble. After I wrote it for her, I asked if I could share it.

Copy and paste my people. I am someone who shares words and music in the hope that it can help others.  Change what needs to be changed. It can be used as a breakup or reconciliation letter.

I really do love writing…as much as I enjoy singing.

I am sure you think I want nothing to do with you.  And yeah, I deleted your number from my phone. And when people ask about you I say nothing. As there is nothing to say. Not after so much time has passed. Not after both you and I have gone through so much shit.

The funny thing is….since you….I have become so careful. You, who urged me to cut loose and have more fun, to not get caught up in my head. You, who advised me to trust myself . You, who’d spend so much time explaining how you feel, forever talking, while I barely said a word. Crazy. Mad. You. But you have to know I saw you. I always did even though I said so little.

Do you know how I made peace? I did not try to replace you. There is no one like you. No one like us.

I did not ghost you. Ghosting means the person no longer exists. Or is made to feel as though  they don’t.  You have been alive in my mind since the moment it ended. I have learnt to watch the memory of you dance circles around me – without responding. That’s my super power.

I hope your present and future treats you well.  No. I don’t  believe we are only  given so many times to get things right. We are given infinite chances. I must believe this. You better believe it to.

I am not gonna use more words. But in case you are unsure…. If you want to know if any of this is true….simply think of the last time we were together. Do you remember how I looked at you? Do you remember what we said to each other? There. That’s your answer.  Not the arguments or the silences that followed afterwards.

Every person crosses our path for a reason. And leaves when it is time to do so. Whatever happens to both of us is a choice. I wish you only the best when deciding what makes you happy. I know I have.

  1. End the letter any way you like. I hope this helps. X

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