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I have been running into the strangest people this last few weeks and have to write to make sense of it. Thanks to my delayed emotional response to most events, it only occurs to me later that something, somewhere was very, very off.

I manage to find ways of avoiding deeply problematic situations, I realise…after the fact. Or it only occurs to me while writing that I was in a bit of….danger…if I took one misstep. Yet while any of it happened the idea of being scared or freaked out never occured to me. My only response is to laugh. Sometimes I think being wired like that is a small gift.

Then I ran into someone who is the younger version of me. Saying it was trippy would be mild. I felt like I was looking at someone who mirrored my energy. And I saw a man fall madly in love with her in a span of a few hours. Deep connection, I told both of them is rare.

First, let me give you an idea of what the evening was like. I attended a party where there were people of all ages. It was raining, the music loud and despite this people were in the pool. Some for fun, others in the hope that the cold water would wake them up.

At one point in the evening I had teenagers and youngsters waiting in line to have their tarot cards read. They huddled around me and it was in that small instance I spotted her in the corner. I walked over and gave her my one deck while saying she would read for me later. ‘I don’t know how to…’ I suspected  that she didn’t need cards of any kind. Later we found a spot away from everyone, sat on the floor and just spoke. That’s when she  relaxed,picked up my energy and ran with it. And by doing so gave me answers to questions I needed clarity on.

Life always surprises me. I think I am gonna go to a party and nothing happen besides some dancing and possibly a hangover the next day. No such luck it seems. Still a great party regardless.





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