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Someone once said….the way you spend your day is the way you spend your life. This bothered me a while back. All I do is hang with family, friends, write music and sing. And not even that well (my piano playing is hella bad), but that never stopped me. In fact, not being within reach of what I deeply desire creates greater urgency. More drive.

Today was a good day. I penned a new song and finalized important documents. The new album is not what I thought it would be. Nothing other than a love letter set to Music? This. It. Is. Not. Nah, my people….

Afrika Burn was a great clarifyer. I came home with so much energy and drive….I exploded into sound. It was the reset I needed.

Mark, who has been at my side after the release of my first album (aka My First Official Husband) approves of the music selection. This matters. He knows each melody line, lyric….and does let me know when something sounds familiar.  “You cant go whistling on another song Auriol!” Haha.

It will still be called Silk and Gravel. The sound is…bolder….with whiffs of…I dont five a fuxness. Nine tracks in total. Yeah, today was a good day.

I hope yours was as well. We do what we can, as best we are able to. One minute, hour and day at a time. Hopefully, that amounts to a life well lived…

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