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If you ever had to make a huge life shift or are in the process of doing so, I am sure you can relate. Perhaps you just lost someone or walked away from a troubling circumstance. What if all that is required is this? It. Takes. Time. Time to adjust to the new way. Time to find your feet. Make new connections, start eating in a more healthy manner. Time…

Again, the programming in our society often demands we know the answers, the way, the path immediately! After all, we have more access to information than we ever have before, right? Yet, our hearts and minds take a great deal longer to integrate those changes. And yes, we get it so wrong all the time! Think of the last instance you made a huge leap in any area. How many times didn’t you mess up, eh?

So I remind myself – this is how my world feels without one of my best friends. This is how it feels without having a mad extrovert at my side, always pushing me to meet new people and enjoy other experiences. Noel knows, like all those closest to me – I enjoy solitude.  Solitude in between bouts of utter madness and debauchery! Look, the life of an artists is seldom one where nothing happens! He opened my life to so many.

My strategy? I listen to podcasts on all the areas of my life that needs improving. Areas I know very little of. I flood my mind with it until I have a greater understanding. There is no point attempting to change an aspect of my being and rushing into physical action if my mind isn’t primed. That’s when we all fuck out….and then we judge ourselves for having failed.

I am replacing idea of control with surrender instead. A concept I learnt to embrace at Afrika Burn. Just go with whatever is in front of you if it feels good. People. Places and things. Besides, nothing presents itself if it wasn’t meant to. Discernment is key, of course. Then a little reminder – I alone determine how to feel and respond in turn.

Be gentle lovely people. Mostly with yourselves. No one gets it right all the time. X