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We have all been thrown under the bus…somewhere along the way. To be fair, it’s not always a bad thing, right? We all need a bit of pressure here and there and some thrive when their back is against the wall.

I once heard it being said that we are tested….either by nothing happening or everything at once! I know, I know…it is so easy to unravel under those circumstances.  What if  ( and stay with me for a second) those tests only appear on our path …..because deep within there’s  a silent knowing that we can indeed overcome eh?

Being thrown under the bus taught me only this: who is by your side determines a great deal.  Another reason why discernment is a tool we all need to master, I reckon.  Knowing who is in your corner when the wheels of the bus go round and round and crushes your bones ….kinda matters.

I have learnt, with time, to deal with the bus and its  crazy bus driver a bit better. Have you though? I mean 2020 and this year threw us under the proverbial bus hasn’t it? Our ….everything was tested. Our ability to endure, find hope, earn an income, smoke a decent ciggie, not pay exorbitant prices for cheap whiskey,  get laid and not go bladdy insane is no joke man! Damn last year and parts of this year was rough yo!

 Despite this, I have been encircled by love. My friends and family are a source of such strength. Again, this is true for so many of us. Relationships were either strengthened or unravelled. We were left with no choice but to decide who we are in the midst of it. To atone, to walk away, to remain grounded or lose our damn minds. Everything is a choice.

Breathe….slower…..s…l…o…w…e…r.  No wonder Wim Hoff appeared in my dreams a while back. My dreams are hella entertaining I must admit! But I digress, forgive me.  Take it easy yeah? Even if everything or nothing comes your way. It’s  gonna be better than okay. After all, there is no way we can go back to the way things were. And if we are really honest….was the way things were really that good in the first place?

We are wired to evolve, to grow and very often this means….crazy stuff  will happen. It’s gonna come at all kinds of speeds!   So when next an impossible something knocks at your door and  the sound of wheels on black tar overwhelms,  think of Wim Hoff and breathe….s…l…o…w…e…r.

And…Remember, you are never alone. X