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Everyday, regardless of how many words I use to express myself….what I truely feel is my only focus. It is so easy to get caught up in one’s thinking. Especially when something wonderful entered our lives and then leaves. One is inclined to focus on the circumstances that gave rise to it….and the emotions are disregarded altogether. And then we do our level best to re- create circumstances in the hope that an  open road appears… but to no avail.

I heard it being said….If we focus on the path alone as opposed to the emotions of  ( let’s say) freedom or joy, one can get lost, loose direction and feel despondent. Worse still, become paralyzed. Yet, if the feeling, the vibration is central, the path opens with ease. Just think about the last time you felt great joy for a second. Okay, allow it to permeate your skin for a full blown minute. So much so that your skin tingles and a ball of excitement floods your system. Now, listen to a great piece of music to amplify it. What do you think happens next? You will feel so bladdy amazing, won’t you? It leads to…Nothing but pure inspired action my people! A exciting idea will pop into your head..and if you roll with it, who knows what might happen eh?

Just this morning the very same thing happened! But this after a odd dream involving….wait for it…Michael Jackson! Yeah, no one was more surprised than I by the way. He gave me the keys to one of his homes. I then made the mistake of ordering food for my daughter when he left. Only to be met my a bunch of fame whores and influencers trying to enter what was now my home, the food being a pretext! After wondering what the dream was about my mind floated with ease to a project I needed answers for. And at 3 am I started jotting down ideas. The idea almost being complete. And just to prove that I was indeed tuned in, a potential collaborator called and the idea was fleshed out some more.

I feared, for a second that being involved in another medium would scatter my focus, if you will. I enjoyed being on the radio for the first time yesterday. And am viewing it as another tool I can use to….create more Music! Besides, I am enjoying the process the learning. This is enough for now.

So, start your day with a wonderful thought yeah? And pay attention to your dreams. They do offer small bits of…sometimes insight…but if you are lucky….inspiration also. Above all, look past your fears and act with the kind of bravery being alive now requires. Ps….turns out my daughter also dreamt about Michael Jackson last night. Now how is that for full blown weird eh?