Eveything becomes Music. I wish I knew how to halt that strang alchemical process at times, as my deepest truth pours out when singing. Last night I recieved the first draft of a new song, and was very pleased. As the producer got the sound just right. And then the weirdness set in a few hours later…

I drove my friend to work and the GPS decided to lead me down a certain path on my return. Everyone knows I have a terrible sense of direction and tend to get lost easily. Still, it came as a bit of  a shock driving past the road where I first lived when married. Boom. There it was, the road, the flat and small little memories. It tied in perfectly with the song I received a few hours before. A song I wish I was brave enough to include on my 2nd Call It Love album. And then the thought, ” It was always going to end this way”

I made a firm decision regarding the new album. I am freeing myself and others note by note. Allow me to  circle back to my favorite Ben Harper quote, ” You cant lie when writing Music…”

And so it begins. I am off to studio later today to make more music and bury ghosts.