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It’s 4:23 am. My ciggie is as as lit as the stars above me….and my head is noisy! I can hear an entire band and orchestra going off in my head. A tune that has a 60’s bent, with mini skirts and all. Small phrases of words revealed themselves with the melody. In fact, the tune is playing so loudly I cant stop moving my body even as I type this!

I love it when the Muses strike! At least, 4 ish in the morning is more convenient than other times. I recall the Muses hitting just as I was in the passionate throws of making love a few years ago. ‘Stop. Just wait. Gimme 2 seconds,’ I said. And off I went to record a tune on my phone in the bathroom….that made it to an album eventually. I remember his face being rather confused in that moment. But the song was playing way too loudly in my head to be ignored.

That is just a small price one has to pay, I reckon. I cannot wait to lay something down. While I decipher what the song is actually about and the words slot into place. Small fact, the kinda Music I write while with anyone gives me an indication of where and how far that interaction will go.So let’s see how I actually feel, eh? Fun times? Or not so much? This remains to be heard in order to be seen or felt. Either way, something is on its way to me.

On a side note – just how do I make Hawaii my home? Some people are drawn to Egypt. Others to Paris. Musically speaking? Berlin, to write an album and perform for a few months. But when I think of a home-home- home and where my heart/soul/something else is drawn to – it is Hawaii or people from the Polynesian islands.

Weird isnt it? What’s yours?