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My focus for the new year is…

Music. Career.  Releasing as many albums as I am able to and travelling. I also pinned down the soundscape for my new album. New years eve was epic!   Matt and I had a mad blast! That’s all that needs to be said.

In terms of forging a path ahead for this new year? The Gods do not leave us without. Instead we find what we need. The rest is up to us. Being stuck in one’s head, in the past and doing nothing about whatever plagues… leads to all kinds of high grade fuckery. Besides, it is such a waste of time and energy eh? 

I do not know what comes next and I won’t be  arrogant to assume I have any clue. However, I do have ideas about what I would like to experience, and those I am throwing out in the ethers. If something lands, great.  If the unexpected comes along even better.

Either way, I feel magic in the air….

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