This is what 2017 showed me…

I really do like whiskey. It is best not to mix drinks unless oblivion is what I need. And even then – stay away from Mampoer. Ps, someone should forcibly remove my phone when I am slightly tipsy!

Musically the best performance took place at The District Six Museum – where I had no choice but to sing alone when my pianist did not rock up.

I spent much of this year crying and howling at the Moon. Especially as Doug was dying. Only now do I know that his life shaped and shifted me in ways I could not have foreseen. It made me less afraid somehow. And Doug was fearless.

I finally encountered  my songwriting soul mate, Tumi. Getting to know him and work with him on my new album was one of my top five highlights of this year.  I could not have completed that album in a week with anyone else. Also, he is the best wing man ever!

Plans do not always work out as we would like them to. My one friend Adele said it best. All one can do is focus on what one has control over. The rest – that’s just all kinds of strange and wild magic. Best to sit back and let it happen. Or as Gilda says – you never know what is being planned for you my girl…

Falling in and out of love was the best experience ever! People come into our lives and leave for a reason. There is no point dwelling.

The biggest lesson I learnt this year was discernment.  I am no longer afraid to step away and leave people behind.  Yet that choice is only made after rigorous self-examination. I know what the wolf looks like now. I do not need to wait until his fangs sink into my skin and all that’s left are my bones.

This year was filled with epic jam sessions and amazing food.

I fell in love with Sedgefield. The birds tweeting, the sea roaring, the lagoon and its ducks, the strange people one discovers. Mostly, I love the sound of my Mother playing piano while I smoke at night, or my Father listening to records while I write in the garden and Gilda typing away while I sit on the floor and making notes. Or Alan and I discussing the greedy corporate overlords. Well, he talks and I listen.

Above all I enjoy my solitude and the solitude that certain people allow me to experience when I am with them. I relish the safety of being around people I deeply love and care for, regardless of where we find ourselves.

And that is how I got through 2017 – with the help of people I love.

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