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If social media is to be believed, the world is going to hell, everyone is dying, the vaccine is the cure along with transhumanism and we, my people, are doomed. The queen is a reptile (probably Draconian) and the elite are slowly being cloned at the many underground bases in the US  (hence the need for adrenachrome see?). Kanye has been  MK ultra mind controlled and that’s why he behaves the way he does.

In the meantime, the US is going through an identity crisis ( I am sure I saw that dude at Afrika Burn with the crazy costume) and  still people are listening to bullshit pop music that puts people in a trance. Music to get you moving but not enough so you can really feel. And the celebrities they are loosing their damn minds, revealing just how disconnected they are  not only from themselves but the ‘common man’  And we are meant to not only care but listen to their opinions?

Bladdy hell! Aren’t you getting tired of the stench  of ‘hand over all your power, shut up and everything will be okay’ rhetoric? Or even worse ‘we know what’s really going on here so it’s  best you sit down and shut up’ diatribes the internet is filled with? Granted, some of it is very entertaining yes…

It’s not gonna be okay. In fact, it was never okay. We have been lied to for such a long time about virtually everything. Divided from our fellow human beings on the basis of race, religion and any other stupid thing some old white dude thought up ages ago and our Mothers made us believe because they didn’t know any better.

And so I  asked myself many times, just what would success feel and look like especially in terms of my career. Is it fame, money, recognition? Money is great but having access to a pool of wonderfully creative people who know themselves and are so connected gives me all kinds of chills. Good chills. That’s the kind of energy I choose…in every part of my life. As it gives rise to not only love but every other amazing experience I could hope to think of.

People should never be placed on a pedestal. Not our politicians, celebrities or lovers. These people are flesh and blood. Some more talented than others sure, but so what? The only thing I know about Ben Harper, for example, is that he has a newish wife and a very cute kid. This is more than enough information. I never bothered finding out more. I know people assume I would, but honestly man, I have friends and real people in my life to worry about okay?

This is the only thing I remind myself of. Trust me, I also forget and end up worrying about Kanye. I try my best to sit  in the sun. Switch off my phone and eat healthy food as best I  can (pork when my Motherisn’t looking hehe).. Drink good water and disengage from anyone  or anything that lowers or messes with my vibe.  Mother nature is always my bestfriend, after Music.

Be a lighthouse for others. Peace out my people! Sleep and dream well yeah? Find your zero point and remain there as best you can. X



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