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This song was sparked by a conversation with my daughter who was watching a hectic program about astronomy on national geographic. She was 5 years old or so. When I asked her if she understood she shot me a ‘get outta my face’ and ‘do you think I am stupid?’ kinda look. So I left her alone, closed the door and wrote this song.

I was so unhappy then. All I saw was my life: a beautiful home, an adoring husband and smart ass child….but no music. The ache for music was a void that nothing but music could fill. Nothing and no one. And so I wrote this song so I could breathe.

Do you see why I call for balance in everything? The older I become the more I realise that every person I have liked, cared for or loved gifted me with discernment and clarity. By not loving  me enough or too little. They were preparing me for what is to come. For the more I was stepping into. The more I can give. And that thought makes every bit of ‘pain’ bearable.

Hang in there. Everything gets better. Everything passes.


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