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Weird moments. Honestly, you had to be there. Here are some odd things that occured in the last few weeks!

He had a wolf stuck in his throat. So he howled as he sat next to me on the grass. And I listened….of course.

That moment when you realise you just became a character, and an odd one, in someone else’s story. Obviously it included, like all good stories must, and in no order of importance: a sack of weed, an Austrain, terrible music, a tequila that almost didnt stay down and the unexpected bits no one tells you about Tinder.

I walked into  a bar, greeted more than 7 people with hugs and kisses…..and then realized….I gotta get out of here. People know me.

Sometimes I am convinced there is a 6 year old kid trying to lay down bars in my head permanently. Kid just keep repeating the one line over and over….like this.

When all abundances can be blessed, just what then is the nature of your quest?

Book read in one sitting: A Thousand Paper Birds by Tor Udall.

Music listened to, recommended by Matt Talk Talk – Songs of Eden

Odd movie: The House ( stop animated)

On good days my bedroom resembles the restaurant Cape to Cuba in Kalk Bay. A dressing room before I hit the stage. Bits of art. Jewelry. Turquoise blue. Deep red. Notebooks on my bed. Pens. Books. A hammer. My wooden box. Scarfs. Smokes. Water.

I need plants and sparseness.

Best compliment this week? Being described as a wicked creature! I wish…

Real life crisis: There are no beautiful notebooks in this small town.

It’s the dose that determines the poison he said.  That’s going into a song said I. I mean come on….how can it not eh? 

Oddest word heard this week? Pussyfication. Yes. The terms boils down to this – high grade Fuckery.

…..and that when it hit me…..perhaps I am the weirdo who attracts weirdos…..

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