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I love my Mother. And I am her favorite, hands down. No one can argue with this. Even though she treats us all with fairness. I had to write this down…as as she along with my daughter are the only two people who make me laugh when I want to the earth to swallow me whole.

And on that note…my daughter called after a funeral. ‘Who died?’ I asked. She came across a bird and decided it needs a funeral, headstone and flowers. Dont laugh. I buried all our pets with great ceremony too. Wrapped in beautiful cloth in our Woodstock garden. We even sang…except for the one time we thought her hamster was dead as I cradled it in cloth, about to sing it on its way to the Great Beyond. But the critter scared the living daylights out of me as it was only cold. Not dead! Man, I never shouted as loudly before….

Anyway. Read if you need a smile. My Mother is the best! I am convinced we are all slightly mad. Hehe!

I love listening to my Mother pray. It starts off earnestly.
-Let’s all close our eyes and thank the lord for being so good to us. For seeing is through this week…

And then begins a litany of funny, deeply worrying concerns my Mother has that the Lord must please see too. However, my Mother has advice to offer, tactics  They could employ to ensure victory. Certain phrases are standard, and to be expected. The Power That Be.  The Forgotten and Poor! The One Percent.  Today she prayed for every soul in the Ukraine and the Russia, most of whom she is convinced want peace.

-Please lord show them that you are on the side of right! And we trust in your love for us, even though the dark forces are trying their best. But the mighty Angel’s will smite them all! –

My Mother becomes a bit more animated as she confides, her voice becoming a whisper…..that

– ths conflict could spiral into another world war  and who knows what side China will take? And what about the poor children lord, the mothers, the homeless and forgotten?

I love hearing my Mother pray. I am convinced she has the private numbers and email addresses of all the well known conspiracy theorists out there!  The pleas and wishes for her children are always last. Not only her children but the people past and present they were involved with. Again, theres earnesty ..especially when my Mother confides in the lord that she knows when we , her children, lied and why. But she is sure that the lord knows how hard she prays so that

– they  can behave properly and be with her when the dead rise and….finally there will be peace on earth. 

My Mother makes special requests on our behalf.
–  Lord, please look after Auriol. You know want it is she needs and she must trust that you are always at her side, keeping her safe . And, thank you for the food she makes that has no meat and tastes so good and its healthy for us. Because you know we must stay healthy as the powers that be and Big Farma want to take our money and kill us slowly. And lord, look  after the people in Australia and Canada. Thank you for looking after all of us. Even though we are Sinners and don’t deserve your love and mercy. Amen.

I am not always well behaved, mind you. At times I laughed loudly as she confesses. Throwing in  a name or an organisation everyone should be aware of. Sometimes we chime in and correct my Mother as she offers the lord incorrect facts and allegations.

We only started praying together after my father died. Not because we believed as much as she did.  Most certainly not to be as entertained as we are

She is the kindest person anyone will ever come across, regardless of her prayers.  We know she misses my father and do our best to ease her loneliness at these small gatherings. That take place any and everywhere. Yesterday, at my favorite smoking spot where Daddy placed my mask so carefully on a tree, reminding me of India. The only place beside home where I felt at ease.

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