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I don’t get people sometimes! Tell me why you wouldn’t want another person to do well? Why wouldn’t you want to see them succeed eh? Personally, nothing makes me happier than seeing someone finally take that step and do the one thing they were either scared to do or make the change that could see them being…happier!

Perhaps it happens if one is surrounded by people who do not know themselves. Those who are easily intimidated, jealous or just a tad bit lost. Look, we all have things we are not happy with. Issues we need to work on, goals to reach or strive towards….but waiting to be happy until that thing happens is just crazy!

I say this because I was once that mad also! Dammit  the stupid things that rolled about in my head was the thing of nightmares! It was all conditional, based on  external circumstances.  I will only feel good if I achieved this career milestone. Now to be fair, and this is me confessing, I didnt ever really believe I would open for Ben  Harper. I just enjoyed the musicality of the man’s work, how he views music, as though it is akin to love, a link to the Sublime, to God herself!  As it is dammit. I once said….I want a love that feels like Music. And each time I asked…dammit I got it! All kinds of crazy music and love sure…hehe!

It was the energy of being happy, the energy of Music itself that I linked with my favorite musician’s  work. While I did the best I could. The universe had no choice but to deliver me that experience you see? I wasnt waiting around unhappy as fuck and complaining…

So let other people do what they must, give them the go ahead to be passionate! As people do need that at times, especially if they love you. Trust me, the joy of another spills over and its infectious. You will leave inspired. It will motivate you to be more, do more. Or at least do that one thing…

I am done wasting time. If I see something I like I will acknowledge and move towards it accordingly. I make no damn excuses in that regard. This applies to Music and Love. My daughter likes to say I have no chill. Yet, chill is exactly what I learnt in 2020. Hence, all my experiences with both men and music have been very positive!

Also, this is why I  no longer care as much about those external things. I concentrate only on what brings me joy. And when surrounded by a lack of it, I leave to find balance and bring the joy with me. Yeah, I go somewhere to get a refill and back at it I am! I am giving the gods no choice  but to bring the good stuff to my door! As it has been doing of late…

Don’t waste time my people. Being mad at yourself for things in the past serves no one.  Especially if you keep replaying it in your head! As by doing so you keep that energy alive and the wolf never knows hunger.  Forgive yourself and others( it is the same thing by the way), and make each minute as meaningful as you can.

Find the joy, be the joy….and see what happens. Or get rid of those pesky fuckers around you. But before you do….take the time out to ask why you are so triggered. Nothing that is not solved…gets repeated.

Okay, rant done! And enough talk of my favorite musician. That dude needs to write more music dammit. I do wonder what kind of music all the musicians will write once we are able to travel and enjoy the things we once took for granted? What kind of Music, of Life will you lead eh? Don’t wait man. Do it now dammit…

Imagine, as I did at the worse times last year, about who you really are…if you could let go of your  burdens. My burdens are still the same….but fuckit, it no longer bothers me as it once did. Very few things do.

Right now…Everything in my life feels like Love, Like Music…because it is. X

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