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I feel very inspired. Last night I wrote a new song and finished an old one. In a few hours my boy Matt and I head off for lunch and to see another  friend. That incident will no doubt lead to more ideas for music. Why am I mentioning this trivial crap?

Ah yes! Music. Here’s a bit of the lyrics I wrote. This song is ….big and epic. Of course it would be. There is no sadness to be found. Or with me regarding men. Hell, I write them in and out of my life with Music. Haha!

Defraud your skin and your heart, was the unwritten rule.
But I loved you blindly like a Magician pretending to be a Fool
It was poison not love and you were tainted
And how heavy the light became, when it could only bear your name
Things fall away at different speeds and time. Illusions bloom but Venus was never mine

Oh! And then I finally finished a song I started writing months ago. The next step is Rodney. He will use my basic piano playing and turn it into something beautiful.  As he always does.  So prepare yourself for some bad piano playing recorded on my phone my people!


Either way. I feel really good. The ghosts have almost been written or kicked out of my heart. See why I am so happy eh? Most days, most days. 89% of the time. Only good stuff my people! Only good stuff! Still. MUSIC remains my focus.