Everyone wants to be an ‘influencer’ and get paid for it. Companies employ ‘celebrities’ to be a walking talking advert. Stroll into a club wearing this,  drinking that drank – hoping the ‘masses’ care enough to follow. This idea is sold to our kids as being ‘aspirational’. To a certain extent it has merit for those in the creative field where many are poorly paid and exploited. Yet here’s what all of us fail to truly grasp. You, the one reading this post – you are already an influencer. Without getting paid, without the acknowledgement or the fancy ass clothes. Allow me to explain why it matters that you remember…

Our world is one where dramatic change occurs at a collective level; when enough people have abandoned a way of thinking, a pattern of belief and decided thought by thought, action by action to not walk in the footsteps of our ancestors. Not a new idea you say and I must agree. Yet whenever anything chaotic occurs on a personal or a global level – nostalgia blooms. Then we speak of the way it was in the ‘old days’ when we could walk the streets without fear, when the most vulnerable were kept safe. Our conditioning plays into this scenario so well. Our political systems, religious beliefs and social norms are refashioned and sold to us acceptable, as  safe. Nostalgia and fear are fertile ground for old ways of thought and being to resurface. And so the cycle is perpetuated and things remain the same.

Many of us fail to recognize that politicians, world leaders, famous sporting icons or artists are either a map or a mirror anchoring our brightest dreams or the darkest ills that plague us. We are them. They are us. Thought by thought, action by action – who you are and what you believe matters. One tends to uncover those belief systems in times of crisis and turmoil. All I can offer is my own experience along with the very real mistakes I make or no longer do. For example, I opt to purchase, as far as I am able to, second hand clothing and accessories. Not because I do not have the means but I am trying my best to not contribute more than is necessary to our consumerist culture. Are you aware of the real cost of a gold ring or the fancy jeans you simply must have? Do you know of the toll it takes for those working the mines or the impact it has on our environment? The past is always alive for me along with the very real question – does this shit really have value anymore?

Being true to yourself is hard, humbling and deeply introspective. Yet it boils down to this: not accepting any stream of thought, where ‘others’ are made to feel or be less than the face you see in the mirror. We are an infectious lot, us humans. Therein lays not only the curse, but the cure…

We are all influencers, a walking talking advert. Yet the real question is – what are we selling?

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