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I wake up excited. Happy to be alive. Ready to rock and roll. I know, I know…it’s bladdy weird. Am I super rich? Is my career booming? Madly in love? Having lots of sex? No. No. No. But dammit….All is well with my soul

Silly things bother me now. Like….just how do I delete my Instgram account eh? And where can I buy a lovely notebook? Am I lying to myself again? No wonder my Mother assumes I enjoy cooking. I found myself making a lovely sauce to drip over the chicken by carefully inspecting the fridge’s content ….and pancakes!  I made pancakes with lemon juice and cinnamon sugar. They were bladdy delicious man!

What’s going on here my people? I am happy and content yes. And this year already feels busy.

Oh. A small taste of what’s coming on 7th Feb, an interview with a  Slovenian publication.

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