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We are all guilty! Guilty of clinging to outdated versions of people, those we love, hate or are indifferent to. At times  it is the best of who they once were. Even if that best is so divorced from who they now are. Conversely,  we cannot let go of who they were at their worse. And so they are trapped in the prison. A prison they see reflected in our eyes.  Regardless of changes being made…

Is this just human nature? Why do we always need high voltages burning our skin to awaken us to the new reality staring  at us? Why can forgiveness of self not be a default setting hardwired in our bones?

I recently I revisited my past. Only once I reversed out of my present, back to a devil I knew well,  could clarity descended. The past was instantly replaced by what is present. This happens to us all somewhere along the way. Mark reminded me today. ‘Auriol, that is no longer who you are or what you need. You are so very different now..’ Yes. And I was this close to forgetting. I was this close to being trapped by my past.

Tread carefully my people. Blind spots and broken mirrors are strategically hidden by master craftsmen…and if not careful can leave you injured and bleeding. Seeing ourselves is hard enough, even the good bits. What of others? Do we have the courage to replace the outdated versions of them we carry around? And if we don’t or can’t muster the will to do so….well, that is another kettle of fish to deal with isn’t it?

But…one thing at a time…

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