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Here’s a small list of things I learnt from those I love and deeply care for, things I try my best to emulate or work through. Life being short and all.


Being generous. Those who care show it. So even if I do not have money – I have time, music and words. Often it is as simple as gifting someone with flowers I picked or giving them something of mine they would look great in. If another shares little despite numerous requests –  I leave. I won’t beg for affection, time or accept breadcrumbs.

Being true. A hard lesson. To speak and embody one’s truth takes time yes. But to live a lie makes one ill, feel compromised and ultimately deeply unhappy.  Also, it has been my experience that when I am not true I look outside myself for answers or towards someone who is nothing but true to their desires. So I am reminded of mine.


Trust my gut.  I know within seconds if the person I sit across is someone I want in my life. As a friend, a colleague or a lover. If I struggle to make peace with where I am or  words like ‘home’ or ‘love’ or even ‘frienship’ do not roll off my tongue – it will end badly.

Listen to things said in anger, especially if it is repeated by numerous people. Now this is a hard pill to swallow. So let me be honest and state what I am accused of . I do not know how to accept love. As I bolt and make a mad dash for the hills most days. Regardless of whether it is said by my Mother, daughter  or a man I chose not to be with is irrelevant. There is truth in what is said. PS, I am working on this. And it ties in with the next point…


Never settle. Perhaps because I was married for so long compromise was always required. Yet, I won’t surround myself with people who demand I do. I won’t settle for less in my career or from who I chose to spend my days with.

Beauty matters. I enjoy beautiful things such as nature, music, art, words and the purity of one’s heart. With friend and family I enjoy watching them and thinking as they go about their day, ‘Gods they are magnificent!’


Having access to a great imagination! I love being around people whose imaginations run wild, as mine often does! A great mind is a blessing and a curse. Being around those who have both and are balanced in their energy is freaking fantastic. Life is too short to not be live a full life.

Know what you need. Not what one desires or wants, but what is needed to get through a bad day. This is about sharing frequency more than anything..


From a partner – a smart man who makes me laugh, cooks well, assertive, smells good and whose body I can’t help but want to jump. He has to have family he loves and a life of his own.

From my career  – a great band who makes my music their own. A producer who can hear things I can’t. And a visionary who has a proven track record and is someone I trust implicitly. The visionary is what I am calling into my life. So I can evolve beyond where I am.

And when I am feeling low – good food and arms I can crawl into without saying a single word. People who give me space as I would them.


When I am around people I care for I ….

Gush about them shamelessly. On and off stage, in and out of social media.

Write music about them obsessively.

Cannot stop talking to them  and on a bad day their voices alone can set my mind at ease.

Do my best to keep promises made.

Expect surprises and gifts if you are the object of my affections. Along with the assurance that I am always where I said I would be.

This is how I keep sane, safe…so I can be my best for those I love.

The song lyrics above are mine, written ages ago. Yet, this is how I want to feel about everyone in my life – awake or asleep, near or far. And how I hope they feel about me.




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